Public Transport

Public transport providers do not only require an active monitoring of the facilities and stations, but also a perfect support management, as lots of events are handled every day.

Instead of a parallel operation of numerous individual systems and a differentiated input with varied quality into the central administration tool, BeyndPSIM offers one single user interface for perfect and efficient troubleshooting.

System stability is of highest priority so that regional operator stations refer to other servers as fallback. If necessary local interface servers are installed in each building (stations, office buildings, storage depots, tunnels), reporting from the location server to the main server via a predefined structure.  On site technicians can be informed about the system status via a web client.

The overall system is designed as open platform so that one subsection after the other is successively integrated so that the numerous proprietary management systems can be omitted. Synergies are not only created for the assignment of personnel resources and training, but also for maintenance. Modification requests simply have to be imported into one homogeneous system.

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