Apart from Industry, Finance & Administration, Data Centers, Penal & Forensic Institutions, Transport & Traffic, Hospitals or Military, Aventura PSIM is used in lots of other specialized vertical markets including casinos, leisure parks, museums and venues. Aventura PSIM is applied wherever maximum security is indispensable. With its advanced capabilities, Aventura PSIM integrates building management and communication infrastructure systems so that recurring maintenance tasks can be automated based on calendars or time schedules. Doors, lights, temperature controls and a lot more can all be managed with Aventura PSIM.


Discrete surveillance is crucial in this business. Due to extensive camera counts, high risks, long regulation lists and frequent threats, the integration requires very complex PSIM software.


University campuses rely on Aventura PSIM as management platform for security and building systems. The often wide-spread houses, sports halls etc. can be controlled centrally.


Focus is on protecting human life in case of an assault attempt or disaster. Aventura PSIM creates automatic workflows for hazardous situations and helps to increase efficiency.

Health Care

Security and building management should smoothly work in the background. With Aventura PSIM event handling is very easy so that employees can concentrate on their actual tasks.


Cross-linked fire alarm and sprinkler systems in spacious industrial plants are visualized clearly by Aventura PSIM. Employee safety can be ensured and responded to immediately.


Particularly high requirements: Aventura PSIM is able to cross-reference with an occupant database. In addition, mobile devices are displaying status and location information.

Public Transport

Public transport requires station monitoring plus support management. Instead of operating individual systems in parallel, Aventura PSIM offers a single interface for efficient troubleshooting.


Centralization is the perfect solution for retail. By transferring automatic actions into all chain stores, incl. surveillance and measure logging, all subsystems are integrated in the overall solution.