• Cost-efficient solution for smaller projects
  • Linkage of different devices and systems that are installed within the building
  • Automatic creation of fire detector positioning plans
  • Mobile access and notification by the optional Mobile App
  • Distributed systems in medium-sized installations
  • Linkage of different security, building and information management systems
  • Optimized work processes and technical reliability
  • Central documentation and comprehensive reporting possibilities
  • Distributed systems in large-sized installations
  • Multiple redundancy and high availability
  • Automatic insertion of detector positions into floor plans
  • Connection of superordinated incident management systems
  • Global installations with an unlimited number of locations
  • Autonomous operation of locations via Location Servers
  • Integration of map material, geo-referenced datapoints
  • Integration of further process-supporting software is possible

With individually adapted modules for specific functions, systems, workflows or vertical markets, Aventura PSIM even allows for very special requirements without overloading the basic system and keeping its easy operation for the user.

Overiew of all currently available interfaces. The portfolio of supported systems is continuously increasing and steadily extended by new developments.